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disney vacation club rental specials
$14.00 $13.00
per point for
Saratoga and Old Key West

all other resorts
are $14.00.

Review this legal document and click AGREE below

Review the details below and click confirm to finalize your reservation request. Most requests are filled in 12-72 hours. Any deposit charged will be returned fully if we can not fill your reservation request.

Text updates: If you included a CELL number you will receive automatic text updates as the process proceeds. Press the back button to add your cell now. Otherwise we will email you with updates.

Reservation Request Agreement:
Name of primary guest:
postal address: , ,

Check in: (M/D/Y) //
Check out: (M/D/Y) //

Your 1st resort choice: ( )
If your first choice is not available, you will also accept:


MAXIMUM COST OF YOUR ROOM $: This depends on the room, resort and dates you have chosen. However, in no case will you be charged over the maximum charge stated here for your reservation. Once a match is made, you will be able to review a detailed invoice before you pay your balance..

Deposit: Any deposit required to proceed is fully refundable on request if your reservation choices can't be filled. If one of your selected choices is matched, such deposit is not refundable and will be applied to the rental cost.

Full Rental Balance: once a owner match is detected and availability confirmed at your resort you will receive a invoice for the complete amount of the reservation and (at that point) funds are not refundable. Balance must be paid within 18 hours of request.

Terms and Conditions: This agreement is made on by and between ("Renter" also referred to as "You"), the DVC CONTRACT OWNER ("Member" also referred to as "Owner") and ("Intermediary").

SMOKING NOT ALLOWED: All Disney Vacation Homes and hotels, including balconies, decks and common areas are NON SMOKING. You will be assessed a cleaning fee by Disney Vacation Club if any NON SMOKING area is smoked in. You agree to this now and will be required to agree to this on check-in at your Disney resort. Pets are also not allowed unless they are for handicap accessibility (please contact us ahead of your reservation to set this up).

When booked, Intermediary will receive from Renter a NON REFUNDABLE contract rental payment of $ ) US Dollars (or less, depending on the room type) in return for a confirmed reservation, using Member's Disney Vacation Club points, at your selected RESORT and ROOM TYPE on the ARRIVAL and Departure DATES you selected.

CANCEL POLICY: All rentals are final. Disney Vacation club members must commit their rental points to you to save you money. As such, cancels are not permitted. In rare cases dates can be changed and Intermediary will try to assist you in a date change in some cases, however, for the sake of this document all sales are final, non-refundable and dates are also final.

If a change of dates or resort is made for any reason by the mutual agreement of all parties, all agreements and sections in this document convey to the new dates or resort and remain in full force.

TRIP INSURANCE: Renter understands that this transaction does not include travel or trip insurance and it is up to you to secure this on your own if you need it. If you indicated interest in insurance on the previous page you will be sent a link on how to add it.

Guest List:
The following secondary guests will occupy the room:
2) age
3) age
4) age
5) age
6) age
7) age
8) age
9) age

No other parties will be allowed to use your rental. Disney has strict policies when it comes to the number of renters and your rental will be terminated without refund if these rules or any other propery rules enforced by Disney (disclosed here or otherwise) are violated. Renter is totally responsible for the actions of all in his party. Renter agrees to pay balance due in US Dollars in full as soon renter is invoiced for the reservation. Intermediary will provide confirmation of the rental which can be entered in real time on Disney's website as proof of reservation.

Renter agrees to follow all Disney and Disney Vacation Club policies and rules while renting on Disney Vacation Club property. Renter is fully responsible for damages, charges to the unit rented, including all contents and improvements as well as any related fees assessed by Disney against the Member or his membership. Any unpaid charges or damages assessed shall be reimbursed to the Member or the Intermediary or their assigned agents within 7 business days of notice to Renter. Sending a fax or e-mail copy of a Disney Vacation Club or other Walt Disney Company communication (or bill) assessing the charges or damages shall satisfy notice to the Renter. Renter agrees to pay any and all charges to the Member or the Intermediary or their assigned agents for any fees or charges related to the collection of any amount owed.

FEATURE CLOSURES: Owner and Intermediary are not responsible for room noise, pool closures, park and resort features that are under construction or disabled (including construction noise) and any other features which Disney may not have working during your stay.

FAILURE TO RENT: If in the unlikely event Disney, the Intermediary or Owner are unable to rent this unit to Renter, the rental payment will be returned in full to Renter. Under no circumstance is Owner or Intermediary liable (for any reason) for any amount exceeding the rental payment in this document in relation to Renter's reservation, including but not limited to vacation fees, lost wages, airfare, trip expenses, etc, Renter holds harmless the Owner and Intermediary for any amount in excess of the contract Payment.

INTERMEDIARY DUTIES: This rental is between Renter and Owner. Intermediary serves as a service to bring owners and renters together. The agreed on rental payment includes all fees and manhours for these intermediary duties. No additional fees for intermediary duties will be passed onto the Renter.

DATA PRIVACY: As part of the rental process your names, ages, postal address and phone number are relayed to all parties including Disney. This is a requirement for making a reservation. The Intermediary will not sell or disclose your personal information to any additional third party, however, there is no way to determine what other parties in this agreement do with that information. Please be aware of this.

TYPE AGREE IF YOU AGREE: If you agree to these terms and conditions and accept them as binding, type AGREE into the the field below:

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