Magical Express Service:

magic express registrationIn 2021, Disney offers all resorts guests (including DVC members, their renters and their registered guests) free use of Magical Express service from Orlando International.

With M.E., you are transported from your resort and back again in relation to your flights. This service is only available at Orlando International (MCO). You must register ahead of time for this service using the form below. Please note this service will be retired starting in 2022.

IS MAGICAL EXPRESS AVAILABLE AT ANY OTHER AIRPORTS:  No. It is only available at MCO and is not available in California.

WHEN SHOULD I REGISTER:  To give DVC owners time to enter your information, when possible, please provide your magical express information 30 days or more from your trip. Make sure the names of your party are final before making your request, and make sure you have flight numbers.

PARK TO RESORT BUSES AND GONDOLAS:  DVC members and their registered guest have free access to bus, gondola and board transport within the resorts and the parks. This service includes service to Disney Springs as well. You do not need to signup in advance to use these resources. In addition, if you have your own car, you get free parking at your resort and at all theme parks.

MAGICAL EXPRESS IN ONLY ONE DIRECTION:  Most guests require magical express service for both disney arrival and departure. If you require just one direction, ignore the fields that do not apply to you.


Magical Express will not be offered by Disney starting in 2022. We anticipate that this will be replaced with another service or number of services, paid or otherwise. When we have more information on this, we will let you know. Please note that parking continues to be free for all DVC guests.

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ARE YOUR PARTY NAMES FINAL? Do not submit a magical express or meal plan request unless your party names are finalized. Contact us first if you will be adding or changing names so we can make those alterations.


• Magic express service is available only at MCO.

• You must register for magic express if you want it.

• You may request magic express in one direction if you dont need the other.

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Disney genie access*
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