Rental Arrival Procedures /
Reservation Record Access

DO NOT CALL DISNEY  Disney Vacation Club rules state that only the owner of the DVC points can request room adjustments, alter the guest party, add a room preference, check availability, add dining plans, etc. Contact us for any of those requests.

MAGIC BANDS / CONFIRM NAMES: Once you have your confirmation number, you can (and should) login at MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE AND MYMAGIC to link your trip, review guest names, reserve dining, order magic bands (optional) and create your custom itinerary.


disney magic bandsGETTING IN THE GATES: All DVC properties are protected by gates. To get in, show your legal photo ID. All adults must have photo IDs. The reservation is in YOUR NAME, not the DVC owner's name. So you should not tell the gate any name but your name, as disney employees only have you on their lists. You do not need any other document besides your photo ID and your reservation number.

DAY OF CHECK-IN: Resort check-in starts at 4pm. If you have to come earlier, goto the concierge and they can hold your bags while you eat or visit the parks. At 4pm, goto the front desk of your DVC resort and present your photo ID and confirmation number. If you did not order magic bands, room key cards will be available at the front desk.

Note: if you have received magic bands before arrival and disney happens to text you a room number, you can proceed directly to the room and do not need to visit the front desk. Text numbers can be given to disney during the pre-check-in procedure.

MULTIPLE RESERVATIONS: If your have multiple reservations (in different resorts or room types), you will need to do check-in again at your second leg. If you have multiple reservation numbers back-to-back in the SAME RESORT, room type and room view, inform the desk clerk of your reservation numbers and make sure to ask them not to move you on the second leg.

RESORT BAG MOVES: If you are changing rooms during your stay at DVC, make sure to ask the concierge desk for free bag movement help the day before the move. Disney will come take your bags and bring them to the next leg while you eat and play.

AIRPORT TRANSPORT: We are now offering bus signup service to and from Orlando International. Please see here for details and registration.

IDENTIFYING YOURSELF: While on your trip, disney identifies you by your legal names, not the name of the DVC OWNER. Do not state the following to cast members: "I am a guest of the owner, I am a renter, etc." Disney has you in their system in your name and your reservation is a normal reservation. They identify you as you.

disney geniePLANNING AND WAIT TIMES:  If you have a smart phone you can download disney's official free planning tool (Disney Genie) which will help you make reservations, organize your day, and access ride wait times. Look for "Disney Genie" in your smartphone app store.

COVID RULES: Make sure to check COVID/VIRUS/HEALTH information and guidelines on the disney and state websites (current disney info is here). Your dvc owner and are not responsible in any way if you are turned away from your hotel due to special covid/virus rules that are place. Also note that and your DVC owner are not responsible for any current or future health issues related to your visit.

HEALTH AND SAFETY NOTICE: Please note by using Disney and Disney Vacation club services and facilities, visiting Disney property, hotels, etc, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 for you and your entire guest party and for that matter any health issue for your entire guest party. Your DVC owner and are not responsible for virus, health and Covid-19 issues you may face. thank you.

ARRIVAL TIMING:  We suggest getting to your lobby 45 minutes before the 4pm checkin to get the best rooms.  Disney has the best room selections early.


disney checkinPRE-CHECK-IN: A few days before your rental you will want to pre-check-in to your resort. This puts you ahead of all other parties for various check-in perks. Pre-check-in is done through the MYdisneyEXPERIENCE website as follows:

Click here to access the My Disney Experience
If you have an account there login, else create one
At the top menu click on my plans (see image)
Scroll down to see your resort
Click on start check-in (see image)
If your resort date does not appear, link it first (see image).

my disney experience   dvc reservation linking   my disney experience


• You must have your photo ID to get into your resort.

• Arrival time is 4pm and Departure time is 11am. Disney does not extend.

• Giving disney a text number on pre-check-in allows them to text you a room number.

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