rent out dvc pointsListing Points - Quick Start:

Why list with us?  Protection for you and your renters is our focus: We are U.S. based - We are bonded. Our standard service includes all manhours for making rentals, changes, airport bus adds, meal plan additions and renter support and questions. The only thing you need to do is sit back and collect earnings.

How much do you make? You have the freedom to choose! (show me)

Will Your Points Sell?  Demand is extremely high and we are crazy good at what we do. The vast majority of points rent out if you give us enough notice and they are priced correctly.  We also guarantee sales in some cases (show guarantee rules) but we have never had to enforce this guarantee clause because we always get stuff be default.

More Common Questions:

How to list? Its easy. (show me)
When should I list? Today...literally. (show me)
How long does it take to list? Seconds. (show me)
What points do we accept? Almost all. (show me)
Can I list emergency points that Expire Soon? Yes. (show me)
What we do for you? A ton. (show me)
Can I list existing reservations? Sometimes. (show me)
Can I list any use year and resort? Yes. (show me)

Do you lose the rights to your DVC points?  No. (show me)

bonded in florida
for your protection
no fees to you
the dvc owner
free white glove
point management

• Your DVC points are a great source of income!

• On average renting out all of your points pays for your DVC purchase every 7 years.

• Renting out half of your points, on average, should pay your dues for the year.

Need Assistance?
get access to a support agent
Email: Use the form on this page to direct your question by email to the correct department.

Quick Text: Our text hotline is always active for U.S. based correspondence. Give it a try at (508) 925-0089. A rep will reply as soon as possible.

Fax: If you need to drop us a form our direct fax is at (866) 779-3227.

Point Listing Checklist
requirements for renting your points
As we want to make things easy on YOU as well as renters, please make sure these minimum requirements are met before listing with us.

  • Know your login to your disney vacation club account located here. Call dvc support for help on this if you do not have one.
  • Make sure every one in your family is ok with renting out these points.
  • You must be the legal account holder for your DVC points contract.
  • Know the last month you can use the DVC points you are listing.
  • Your DVC dues must be paid and up-to-date.
Contact us for help on any of the above.

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