Renting Out Your DVC Points Safely:

dvc point selling Your vacation is an investment, and it is hard to trust such an investment with a person you do not know. Every DVC owner is an individual party.'s main goal is to provide a place where both owner and renter may exchange vacations safely, taking the risk and guesswork out of your hands.

BOTH SIDES PROTECTED:  This is key to any process. Protections need to be in place for you and the renter. We protect both sides. Both renter and owner should be happy and safe.

WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU SAFELY:  One of the most frustrating parts of finding renters is the leg-work of answering questions, checking open dates and getting renters booked before those dates are gone. We offer a free service where we do all of that for you. We will look up dates, book them, arrange magical express, manage points, etc. Any login information you share with us is priviledged and will not be shared with any client.

BONDED:  We are bonded for your protection.

FUNDS HOLD:  Funds are partially held with us, so that owners know their rentals are paid for.  This serves both sides so every one can feel safe.

NO ADDED FEES:  List your points with us and you earn exactly how much you select per point. Set your own rate per point!

RENTER PROBLEM RESOLUTION:  We handle the complex issues so you don't have to including meal plan adds, name changes, magic express, emergencies, etc.

Protecting yourself legally means not saying the wrong thing to the renter or taking the wrong action. Let us worry about that and put the weight on us.


• Your DVC points are a great source of income!

• On average renting out all of your points pays for your DVC purchase every 7 years.

• Renting out half of your points, on average, should pay your dues for the year.

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Our staff handles meal plans, dining adds, reservations?**
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