Disney dining plans:

The cost of going to WDW can be substantial and dvcreservations.com prides itself on helping you in that respect. In addition to great resort rates, we are also able to get you meal plans which can save some groups money; however, should all groups consider them?

Many who opt for meal plans don't need them. To that end, we have assembled a primer for you (below). Most of the primer consists of reasons why you shouldn't get the meal plan, as that makes your evaluation easier. If you fall into any of the "don't categories" then we suggest avoiding the meal plan.

Money savings? The cost is the primary concern (see the calculator below). Meal plans will only save you money if you (1) only eat at disney (2) only eat at the best places and order the higher end of each menu (3) eat every meal. If any of your party like to eat light, or you think you will miss a meal, or think you will eat off property even once then do not get the meal plan.

Reservations: Although meal plans don't require you to get dining reservations in advance, you will not be able to get into the best ones without them. And if you do not have proper reservations, point two above is not possible. Thus, if you do not have time to plan ahead then don't get the meal plan. This point does not apply to the QUICK SERVE plan where reservations don't matter.

Meal plan changes your timing: Now if all of your party wants to eat like mad and you are willing to do the reservation planning, consider this fact: the meal plan will dictate what you do and when you do it during your stay. If you make a reservation at Epcot on day two, you are going to epcot on day two because if you don't get that high end food your meal plan isn't worth it. If you like to have a more relaxed and fluid stay then the meal plan is not for you.

Kids ages: The magic number in meal plans is nine. Children starting at 10 are considered adults, and childing under 14 usually do not eat like adults. If you have children in the range of 5-9 you are in the sweet spot and a meal plan is more attractive, but if you have children between 9 and 13 a cost imbalance tends to show up. Adults tend to eat expensive foods where the meal plan is most affective.

In the same way, getting a meal plan for children 3 to 5 may not be worth it, because they eat way below the value of the plan.

Note that for infants (2 or younger) the plan does not apply to them.

Eating times: If you like to eat a late lunch and may not have a large dinner, do not get the plans. Lunches are cheaper at disney at a lot of locations.

Entire party: The entire party that is on your reservation must get the meal plan if you signup for it (with the exception of children 2 and under). If one person in your party will not use the meal plan fully, it is definitely not worth it.

Buffets: If you will eat half of your evening meals at a buffet then the plan is usually good investment.

Convenience: Many get the meal plans because, let's face it, its nice to have things prepaid and not worry about it. Valid reason! And some certainly will pay a little more for this. But there is no reason to throw money away either. Consider the prepaid gift card alternative! What is this magic thing? We will tell you.

Let's say the meal plan is going to cost you $1200 total. Instead of doing the meal plan, go get a prepaid credit card or a disney gift card and put $1000 on it and use it for all your food purchases. You will see exactly how much you spend and also have that feeling of prepaid magic.

Avoid the Deluxe Plan: (CURRENTLY NOT OFFERED) The DELUXE plan has always, in our opinion, been a waste of money for the majority of people who opt for it. The amount of food you have to eat to even come close to its value is jaw-dropping. Typically you eat two full meals in a disney day and then snack if you are still hungry.

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