Flash Sales - Enabling Phone Alerts:

dvc flash sale phone alerts Our exclusive dvc flash sales come to your email box automatically if you signup for them. They are a great way to save money; however, you must act quick when you receive one of these emails. Some of them only last a few hours and all of them are first-come-first-serve.

To get a jump on other renters, you can enable your phone to send you a notification beep or banner every time a flash sale email goes out. The technique varies by phone. The following is a tutorial of how to add this feature easily to apple iphones:

STEP ONE (SIGNUP!):  If you don't get our flash sales yet, signup at this time. It is a free service which gives you access to special emergency discounts on rooms.

STEP TWO (ADD A CONTACT):  On your iphone, go into your CONTACTS screen/icon and add a contact for dvcreservations. List email address staff@dvcreservations.com in the email section there. Save the new contact.

STEP THREE (ENABLE VIP):  On your iphone, go into the MAIL screen/icon. Along with the list of your email boxes, you will see a section called VIP. Click on the icon next to it.

Now click on ADD VIP, then select the contact that you made for staff@dvcreservations.com earlier.

Last, click on VIP ALERTS to setup whether you receive sounds, badges or screen notifications when you receive an email from us. It is your choice which ones you receive.

STEP FOUR (YOUR DONE):  Whenever you get an email from us, including flash sales, your phone should alert you. You have just gotten a head start on everyone else when trying to secure a great deal!


• Flash sales occur when a DVC renter has an emergency.

• We only have access to a limited number of rental points per flash sale.

• Always text us when in relation to flash sales to speed things up.

Included Rental Perks
dvc renters get some great treats!
Free resort/hotel parking?
Free themepark parking?
Able to reserve dining?
Free room wifi?
Extended park hours*
Disney genie access*
Meal plan access*
*subject to current disney
rules and availability

Have Questions?
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We look forward to helping you with your rental needs. Make sure you check out the FAQ page first which lists a ton of answers. If that doesn't answer it all click here to send us a message.

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